What are the Products and/or services that Tangulia Mara offers?

We at Tangulia Mara are in the best location to visit Maasai Mara Game reserve and Mara Triangle within a very short period of time, both part of our National reserve are unique and different indeed, from Tangulia to the central plains meaning Rhino Ridge, Main Crossing are all within a period of 15-30 mins, this where most of the biodiversity in the Mara occur, from the birdlife in the Musiara Marsh to the Short grassland plains, this one of the riches areas of Big Cats activities in the whole Mara, in addition to gamer drives. We also do walking with a professing Guide. Last but not least we let you experience a Kenyan village and I bet later you will agree with me that the people’s warmth and hospitality is the greatest attraction of all.

We also offer Picnic breakfasts, park lunches and bush dinners. You can also book Balloons safaris if you wish.


What is unique about Tangulia Mara that you won’t find with our competitors?

Tangulia Mara is owned by Maasai, a factor you do not find with many camps. It’s wholly owned and managed by the local people.

Also from the camp you’ll be treated to three dimensions, our camp is on top of a small rocky Hill overlooking a salt lick, the Mara River and the Rowling Plains of the greater Mara.


What motivated us to start Tangulia Mara?

We were motivated to start this camp to show the community of our people that there way of life should not revolve around cattle only, for many years we have not seen the potencies that lies at our door step. We are opening the doors to show others that community conservation will be meaningless if done by outsiders. It’s where we get our name from Tangulia, which means lead.


What experience will you customers have from Tangulia Mara?

We are experienced guides who had a wealth of experience on the field, one of the Directors had been working and guiding the Mara for over 25 years, therefore we offer an authentic experience to our customers, be it on drive, walking learning herbs that were used by our parents, or worriers at the traditional meat camps, or interpret our culture well without having to rely on any one to misled the guest on the meaning of what we are or believe in.


How do I book with Tangulia Mara and what are the rates?

We are booked through Bush and Beyond based in Wilson Airport, Nairobi, or Contact your local agent for advice, the rates will be given by Bush and Beyond.


How long will my visit be with Tangulia Mara?

We recommend a minimum of 3 nights and if you wish you can stay a week or more, in order to enjoy the richness our product we say stay Longer no rush,


What are the rates for Tangulia Mara and are there also any packages that come with that?

The rates will be given by our head office in Nairobi, Bush and Beyond.

We do take Family’s, with a minimum age of 8 and exclusive groups from 8 to 12 max, this will incur some cost, we advice our guest that all groups of 3 will have there own car and guide, and our capacity of cars is 6 guest per Vehicle, any group beyond this will have a second Car,
People can book exclusive Cars if they wish and for the group of Photographers we will have 2 pax in a car to crate more room for there dedication with no additional cost,


What should I carry and what should I not carry?

When you come on Safari please remember your Binoculars, a good camera for photos, sun glasses, sun screen, a good hat to protect your ears and neck from the African Sun, insect repelant, a head lamp, easy to was and quick light dying cloth, a flees, in case of cold mornings and evening, do not forget some little money if you do need for gift shops,

Is accommodation catered for within the packages?

The amount you will be charge will cover food, accommodation, soft and Hot drinks, beer, house wines, and some spirits.


Is there any other information that you think is important for visitors to know such as insurance or mode of conduct while visiting?

When you book your Safari with our head office you shall be advised accordingly. Note you must bring a copy of your travel insurance and medical insurance, in case of an accident. If you need to be evacuated from Tangulia we recommend a flying Doctors Cover and please understand they will not treat you they will hand over to a professionals in Nairobi or you can fly back home if they think you’re in a condition to do so.

You can bring your malaria prove lactic medicine and whatever else your doctor recommends.


Are there any other costs other than the cost stated for the tour/package?

Not at all. Once you have paid relax and enjoy yourself. If you wish to tip our staff you can do so but remember it’s not a requirement. If you do wish to pay everything including staff tips this will attract extra taxes and therefore it’s easy you do the staff gratuity directly to them. The recommended amount will be on the room sheet and not available online.