In Our Book Library

Safari and books are like chocolate and vanilla; they go hand in hand. The Tangulia Mara library is a growing library with a variety of educational and fascinating books to choose from.


Besides the awe-inspiring coffee table books with one too many conversation starters, is a collection of good reads sure to make your safari experience a little more enthralling.


Some of the interesting books you can expect to find in our Tangulia Mara library include but are not limited to:


Kenya by Ann Owens


In this lovely coffee table book, Ann Owens brings to life the true spirit of safari. Looking at the different places, she has visited in Kenya and the fantastic people who have made her visits memorable and enjoyable, it is easy to feel like you were a part of her travels and adventures in Kenya. This simple book is a powerful pictorial representation of the possibilities of a Kenyan safari along with the beautiful people who make safari worth it.


These among many other books will keep you entertained on that lazy afternoon as you enjoy the serenity offered at Tangulia Mara.

Man Eaters of the Tsavo

This 200-page book is a tale of the man-eating lions of Kenya’s Tsavo National park during colonial Kenya’s era. In 27 chapters Patterson describes in keen detail his journey and adventure while in Kenya. It begins in the sea as he reminisces about the pirate books of his childhood and goes ahead to describe the horrifying experience of man-eating lions grabbing men from tents. This compelling tale is one that will send shivers down your spine. What better way to experience the Maasai Mara serenity than with the stories of a past that made man fear the mighty lions.

Elephant company: Vicki Constantine Croke


The biggest animals that you will experience in the Mara are the ever graceful elephants. I am an elephant lover myself and seeing one as it silently walks into the sunset is a safari experience I believe everyone deserves at least once in their lives.