We have a total of 8 luxury tents which includes one family tent. We accommodate up eighteen guest at full capacity. The camp is set to remain quaint to give our guest the ultimate intimate experience. We handmade king size beds in our tents and an additional single bed in some of our tents. The salt lick is a favorite spot for a lot of the wildlife in the area and this the reason why we take the advantage of this view. The Mara river view is seen from the front porch of most of our tents.

The leafy bushes surround the rest of our tents and leave each one feeling cool, private and intimate. Winding paths lead to each tent, and with our camp being unfenced, wildlife is welcome to roam freely around the camp. Our camp Askaris escort guests back to their rooms at night. Running taps and hot shower are available throughout. Our baths and toilet areas are ensued. Note that the water on the tap is ideal for washing up not for drinking. We provide clean drinking water in beaded glass bottles in each bedside table and bathroom vanity. Our homely tents are cleaned every day with our dedicated team of staffs and replenished with eco-friendly handmade supplies. We source our incredible product locally and give our guest the best of hypoallergenic and gorgeously  scented soaps and shampoos throughout their stay